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Design Thinking Towards Product-Market Fit:

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Unlock the secrets to achieving product-market fit through the synergy of design thinking, the Lean Startup methodology, and the 7 Fits Framework in our concise eBook.
Dive into real-world examples from industry leaders like Tesla and Spotify, and learn how to apply these strategies to create user-centric products that stand out in the market.
This free eBook is your roadmap to innovating with precision, from initial customer empathy to refining your MVP.

Empower your startup with the tools to navigate the journey to success confidently and creatively.


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Design Thinking Towards Product-Market Fit

  1. Design Thinking Definitions and its Relationship with the Lean Startup Methodology

  2. Is Design Thinking only relevant for Designers?

  3. Design Thinking for Startups

  4. Design Thinking: the Lean Startup Angle

  5. What is Design Thinking' in the Context of Product-Market Fit?

  6. How to Combine the Design Thinking Process with the 3 Pre-Launch Fits in the 7 Fits Framework?

  7. Ideation and Design Thinking

  8. Design Thinking Ideation vs. Idea Validation (a.k.a Customer-Problem Fit)

  9. Workshop on Design Thinking for Startup Teams in the Ideation Phase

  10. Creating A Persona: Design Thinking vs. Early Adopters

  11. Design Thinking and Innovation from a Lean Angle

  12. Design Thinking Examples from World Renowned Startups

  13. Design Thinking vs. MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

  14. A Recap: Design Thinking Towards Product-Market Fit

Design Thinking Towards Product-Market Fit and
What this eBook is about

In the fast-paced startup ecosystem, achieving product-market fit (PMF) is not just an objective—it's the stage where a startup is ready to scale.


In this free eBook, we're diving deep into how the fusion of design thinking methodologies with the Lean Startup approach, augmented by our 7 Fits Framework, can empower startups to chart a course to PMF with unprecedented precision and innovation.

So, what is inside this eBook?

  • We are unveiling the essence of design thinking and its monumental role in shaping products that genuinely meet user needs.

  • We are decoding the symbiotic relationship between design thinking and the Lean Startup methodology—your blueprint for rapid, feedback-driven development.

  • We are sharing the relationship between our 3 pre-launch fits and the Design Thinking.

  • We are breaking down misconceptions: Is design thinking only for designers? Spoiler: It's a game-changer for all facets of a business.

  • We are sharing real-world success stories: From Tesla's driving revolution to Spotify's personalized streaming, see how design thinking powers world-renowned startups.

  • We are providing a practical guide: How startups can apply design thinking across various stages, from empathizing with customers to iterative learning through user feedback

Integrating design thinking with the 7 Fits Product-Market Framework offers a structured yet flexible approach for startups striving to achieve product-market fit. Get the eBook and make sure you follow the integrated steps to navigate the complex landscape of startup development with greater assurance.

Get This Free eBook!

Click here to download

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