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Unlocking Success with a Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Towards Product-Market Fit

Hello, fellow founders! 

As seasoned entrepreneurs, we know how hard it is to build a business from scratch.

In the post-launch phase, it is great to see your business grow but every company grows with their own challenges.

Especially if you come from a technical background,

it may be tough to design a marketing funnel, work on growth and customer acquisition strategies yet alone

put them into practice.


As 7 Fits Coaches, we tailor-make our fractional CMO practices to fit the unique needs of each startup business; focussing our efforts on SaaS companies that target mid-sized businesses with $300 to $1000 MRR price plans

Fractional CMO services towards Product-Market Fit

We’re here to walk with you!

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What Do Startup Founders Say About 7 Fits Coaches?

"Three years into our journey at Askipo, a health and fitness app with over 290K+ users, we struggled with monetization despite our popularity. The structured approach of the

7 Fits Framework was a game-changer for us. Their methodical process, particularly the customer discovery interviews, provided profound insights into our users' needs and the jobs our app was hired to do. The results were eye-opening. 7 Fits Coach Ilke not only helped us see our

value proposition in a new light but also guided us in rethinking our

feature development to align more closely with our users' actual needs."

Testimonial by Taylan T: 7 Fits Product Market Fit Framework

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Why Do You Need A Fractional CMO for your startup?

In the vibrant landscape of startups, the transition from an initial idea to a successful business encapsulates a path filled with growth, challenges, and the crucial task of developing an effective marketing strategy. Here, the role of fractional CMO services becomes paramount, serving as an experienced guide to navigate your venture through the complex waters of market entry and expansion.

What is a fractional CMO?

Essentially, a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) acts as a part-time executive leader, offering expertise to shape and execute your marketing strategy. With our fractional CMO service, we introduce a cost-effective way to access senior marketing leadership, as our fractional CMO cost is tailored to fit startup budgets, blending the fractional CMO meaning with practicality for emerging businesses.

What does a fractional CMO do?

As 7 Fits Coaches, we tailor-make our fractional CMO services according to your startup stage, your needs and your resources. We orchestrate your marketing practices along with your internal and external marketing resources.

We focus our efforts on SaaS businesses that target mid-sized businesses with $300 to $1000 MRR price plans. Why? Because when you have a high-converting marketing funnel, selling remotely over your website to mid-market is possible while selling to enterprise remotely is nearly impossible.


Here are some of our fractional CMO practices to begin with:

  • If you have just launched your early product, in most cases, we try to help you with our startup coaching services but with a mere focus on building your marketing funnel. We analyze the nature of your product, your onboarding flow along with your marketing funnel stages and try to devise a coherent marketing strategy that is in line with your customer acquisition and distribution strategies.

  • If your business is in the growth stage with no marketing team, we first analyze your customer acquisition strategies and the growth channels. We then start building a marketing team for you. While we do that, we jumpstart the marketing funnel content building process.

  • If your business is growing and you already have an internal marketing team, after analyzing your customer acquisition strategies and the growth channels, we dive into your marketing channels to spot the bottlenecks. Additionally, we add new and more effective marketing channels to your marketing mix to ensure a higher level of marketing funnel lead generation.

What are the benefits of working with our fractional CMO?

Our fractional CMO services deliver an array of benefits designed to pivot your journey towards victory. Central to our lean marketing strategy is our Product-Market Fit framework, specifically the "7 Fits Framework," a cornerstone ensuring your offerings align precisely with market needs.

Leveraging fractional CMO services, particularly for startups, enriched with our dedicated 7 Fits Towards Product-Market Fit framework, offers transformative outcomes:

1. Clear Direction in the Midst of Uncertainty: Navigating the startup ecosystem can be overwhelming. Our team, equipped with a fractional CMO job description that includes mastering the 7 Fits Framework, aids in refining your vision and devising strategic actions, ensuring every decision moves you closer to Product-Market Fit.

2. Rapid Knowledge Acquisition: Tap into the experience of seasoned marketing professionals who have previously charted these territories. Our marketing and venture building guidance, paired with the Product-Market Fit framework, accelerates your understanding of the precise needs of your target audience, embodying the essence of what a fractional CMO for startups should facilitate.

3. Affordability: Cost optimization and cashflow management are the most important financial roles of startup founders. Therefore, we designed our fractional CMO services to optimize the fractional CMO cost for your business. Our fractional CMO salary or fractional CMO hourly rate is defined to still give you room for other important human resources for your business.

4. Conversion Oriented Approach: As startup founders ourselves, we act as pragmatic leaders giving priority to tangible results. Thus, we design your marketing funnel and all of your customer acquisition related activities to be able to drive measurable and meaningful results for your startup business. If you already have a purchase funnel designed, we analyze every single point of touch to uncover possible friction and optimize your marketing activities, accordingly.

In conclusion, the unique blend of strategic insight, practical execution, and cost-effective leadership offered by our fractional CMO services equips your startup with a robust marketing helm.


By addressing each stage of your business's growth with tailored strategies, focusing on Product-Market Fit with our "7 Fits Framework," and optimizing your marketing investments, we pave the way for your startup's success.


Whether it's crafting an initial marketing funnel for a newly launched product, building and guiding a marketing team from the ground up, or enhancing the strategies of an existing team, our fractional CMO services are designed to not just meet but exceed your expectations.

As 7 Fits Coaches, let us navigate the complexities of market growth together, ensuring that every marketing decision you make is aligned with your vision, scalable for growth, and, most importantly, conversion-oriented to drive real, measurable results. 

We’re here to walk with you!

What is your startup stage?
What is your team size?

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