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7 Fits AI

7Fits AI
Sales Automation Towards Product-Market Fit

Ignite your founder-led sales game with the 7Fits AI


Use the power of AI to score your startup, define your ICP,

score your leads and download the leads likely to convert.

Built by B2B founders to help B2B businesses!

How Does 7 Fits AI Come Up With
Real Public Customer Profiles For Your Business?

7 Fits AI comes up with early customer definitions and your ideal customer profile (ICP).

7 Fits AI uses NLP and scans the web, social media and professional networks to identify potential leads discussing industry topics relevant to your business.

7 Fits AI comes up with REAL public customer profile links and starts engaging with them.​

How Does 7 Fits AI Help You With
Creating a Solid Sales Strategy?

7 Fits AI empowers your sales efforts with advanced lead scoring, revealing conversion likelihoods. You can focus on high-value leads for streamlined sales success.

7 Fits AI helps you gain knowledge about startup metrics i.e. ARPU, CAC, Churn and CLTV.

7 Fits AI helps you learn how to achieve

Channel-Model Fit via positioning your startup in the ARPU-CAC spectrum.

How Does 7 Fits AI Help You With
Engaging With Your Potential Customers?


7 Fits AI constantly learns about the persona-related keywords to search for your potential customers.

7 Fits AI generates tailored email and LinkedIN message templates for you so that you can start engaging with your customers.

7 Fits AI integrates with email service providers, email outreach tools and LinkedIN to automate your outreach.

The Step-by-Step AI Sales Automation
Process of 
7 Fits AI






7 Fits AI's conversational AI helps you define your early customers and your ideal customer profile (ICP).

7 Fits AI searches for your customer profiles in its partner databases and finds the customers who are more likely to buy from you.

7 Fits AI's writer comes up with highly converting sales copy tailored to your business.



7 Fits AI's automated sales assistant instantly starts sending emails and social messsages to your customers.



7 Fits AI sends follow-up messages to your customers to be able to book calls for your business.



7 Fits AI books customer calls for you and sends you calendar reminders.



7 Fits AI's writer extracts the value propositions of your business to help you get prepared for your customer meetings.



7 Fits AI analyzes the recordings of your customer meetings to offer insights and customer sentiment analysis to enhance your communication skills and boost your closing rates.



7 Fits AI's predictive analytics capabilities leverage historical data to forecast your sales outcomes accurately. It also provides sales performance metrics for your business.

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