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Problem Hypothesis Statement

Problem Hypothesis Statement

Every Business Starts With An Hypothesis.

A solid problem hypothesis statement
helps you validate your idea and execute an efficient customer discovery process.

At the core of this process, lies ambiguity.

As startup founders who know going

from 0 to 1, let us coach you to help you embrace the ambiguity and deal with it.

Example Problem Hypothesis Statement
for Electric Scooters

We believe young people aged 15-30


When they are tired of walking


Want to reach their destination fast


But are dissatisfied with public transportation and taxi


Because they are crowded

and because there is too much traffic

The 3 Pillars of a Problem Hypothesis Statement

This is the first customer segment willing to pay you to have their problem solved.

Current Solutions

These are the existing solutions in the market that address the early adopters' problem to some extent.

These are the needs of the early adopters for which they are looking for a solution.

Grow Your Vision

Unlock Success with Problem Hypothesis Statements

Problem Hypothesis Statements are the compass that guides startups and established enterprises alike towards creating products and solutions that truly resonate with their target audience.


It's more than just a hunch – it's a structured approach to understanding, defining, and solving real problems.

Drawing on a Board

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MVP 101: Examples of Minimum Viable Product by 7 Fits Product Market Fit Framework

Example Problem Hypothesis Statement for TikTok

We believe individuals of various age groups, primarily 13-35,

When seeking entertaining and engaging content,

Want to connect with a global community

But are dissatisfied with traditional social media platforms and lengthy, passive content

Because they crave shorter, more interactive experiences

and because they desire a platform focused on creative expression and viral trends.

The Template for the Problem Hypothesis Statement

We believe ...

When ...

Want to ...

But are dissatisfied with ...


and because

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Example Problem Hypothesis Statement for NETFLIX

We believe entertainment enthusiasts of all ages

When they seek convenient access to a wide variety of content

Want to enjoy an immersive, personalized viewing experience

But are dissatisfied with traditional cable TV and limited streaming options

Because they are restricted by schedules and content availability

and because they crave tailored recommendations and a seamless interface.

We’re here to walk with you. Your win is our win.

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