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Download our guide where we show you How To Validate Your Startup Idea in only 6 WEEKS with ZERO financial investment.

Daily 60 second startup advice: How to validate your B2B startup idea.

Daily 60 second startup advice:
Problem Discovery Interviews Are Not About Pitching


Daily 60 second startup advice: Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) for Startups

Daily 60 second startup advice: Customer-Solution Fit Towards PMF

Daily 60 second startup advice:

Do Not Let Your Creators Ego Get In Your Way

Daily 60 second startup advice: How To Build An MVP with Core Features

Daily 60 second startup advice: How Can An MVP Help With Idea Validation?

Daily 60 second startup advice: Idea Validation and Customer-Problem Fit

Daily 60 second startup advice: How Can A Landing Page Help You In Your Idea Validation

Daily 60 second startup advice: How To Choose A Development Platform for MVP.


Daily 60 second startup advice: What Is Problem-Solution Fit?

The 7 Fits Framework Towards Product-Market Fit

What Product-Market Fit is and why you should care.


What is an MVP and examples of minimum viable products from renowned startups.


Finding Product-Market Fit is tough but learning from founders who did it might help! Find out 13 Lessons derived from real-life PMF success stories.

Find out ways to use Adalo, Airtable, Bubble, Glide, Make, Notion, Webflow, and Zapier app creator no-code platforms for MVP development.

10 Solo Business Ideas for 2024: Free eBook
A Guide for No-Code Solopreneurs

Discover the forefront of entrepreneurship with our exclusive eBook on solo business ideas for 2024, tailored for the innovative solopreneur.

How to Build a Marketing Funnel 
that powers startup growth

In-depth guide on creating a marketing funnel that converts, leveraging the 7 Fits Framework Towards Product-Market Fit.

Daily 60 second startup advice: What Is Customer-Problem Fit?

A comprehensive list of startup frameworks and methodologies to help startups find Product-Market Fit.

Launch your startup right!
Learn how Business Startup Consultants & the 7 Fits Framework can guide you to success. Avoid pitfalls, achieve product-market fit, & build a sustainable business.

Discover the basics of Problem-Solution Fit in this pocket guide for early-stage startup teams.

A part of PMF BOOKLET series, this pocket guide helps startup teams learn about the basic concepts around Customer-Problem Fit aka Idea Validation.

In this free eBook, discover how integrating design thinking with the Lean Startup methodology and the 7 Fits Framework can guide startups to achieve the coveted product-market fit (PMF), ensuring innovation, user-centric solutions, and strategic growth.

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Startup Coaching Roadmap of the 7 Fits Product Market Fit Framework
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