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The co-founders of 7 Fits Product Market Fit Framework: Ali Selim Aytuna and Ilke Karabogali

Ali Selim AYTUNA


I am a software engineer and a 4x founder having 15 years of experience discovering and validating unmet customer problems, crafting product strategies, developing scalable & repeatable business models and leading UX & engineering teams to build high-growth B2C SaaS products, apps & ventures.

I co-founded and led the product at Perzonalization, a SaaS with an AI-powered real-time engine that personalizes the shopping experience of 19 million every month. Helped it grow to #16 with 1.90% market share in global personalization software market. Architected its core, proprietary technology.

I kicked-off the local Nokia application partner ecosystem from scratch and helped place Turkey #1 in Europe and #3 globally in terms of daily Nokia Store application downloads, while generating 10M USD of earned media value.

I co-founded 4 bootstrapped B2C SaaS startups that became recognized industry players, authored 1 book and 2 articles with 450+ citations, the algorithm developed for which still serves the Bioinformatics & Proteomics community as an online tool today.



I call myself "an organized self-starter and a motivated entrepreneur". Although I was trained as an engineer, I have always been a marketer at heart.

In my professional life;

  • I headed all the brand management activities and go-to-market projects of Nokia smartphones and managed a 2 Million EUR/annum marketing budget.

  • During my years at Nestle, managing the Nescafe brand with 70%+ market share in a market was a fascinating experience yet a great learning opportunity.

As an entrepreneur;

I collaboratively founded two companies, set the company mission, coordinated with fellow business partners, and developed integrated strategies to ensure early traction with zero funding. From scratch, I created a sales channel that helped the company;

  • Acquire +150 eCommerce clients from 35 countries.

  • Achieve 30X monthly recurring revenue (MRR) growth in 32 months along with a 65% YOY growth.

I am actively mentoring and coaching startups. As a mentor, each week I am meeting at least one founder and trying to help them in their journey towards Product-Market Fit.


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