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A part of PMF BOOKLET series, this pocket guide helps startup teams learn about

the basic concepts around

Customer-Solution Fit also known as "desirability" and Idea Validation.

In this pocket guide, you will learn about the most critical pillars of launch desirability for early-stage startups.


We talk about how a problem hypothesis is structured, including customer definition, jobs to be done, (JTBD), pains, gains and existing solutions.

Customer-Problem Fit: Free PMF Booklet

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Meaning of Customer-Problem Fit a.k.a. Idea Validation and
What this Booklet is about

The startup adventure begins when we realize that both in business and everyday life, we're surrounded by problems that are like puzzles waiting to be solved. In our product-market fit framework 7 Fits Framework, making sure your product fits well in the market, the first thing to do is make sure you're tackling a problem that customers actually care about. This is the first fit in our framework and we call it Customer-Problem Fit; an  the initial step towards the three essential pre-launch fits, inspired by the Design Thinking.

Think of making a successful product like composing a beautiful piece of music. It starts with a simple idea, and then, to make it real, you need to make sure it's a good one. This means listening to what people need, understanding the market, and making small changes along the way to make your idea even better. If you can't make sure your idea solves a real problem for people right from the start, it's like your music is off-key. 

In order to find Customer-Problem Fit or validate an idea, a startup team needs to first understand what the problem is, who the customer is and why they would need a new solution to solve that problem. Thus a startup team first needs to discover if there is a big enough problem that a certain group of customers are willing to pay to have it solved. This booklet includes the building blocks of

idea validation.

Why You Should Get This Customer-Problem Fit Booklet?

This is a pocket-sized guidebook that you can refer to whenever you have problems in assessing the desirability of a solution.

Get This Free Booklet!

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