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A part of PMF BOOKLET series, this pocket guide helps startup teams learn about

the basic concepts around

Problem-Solution Fit also known as "feasibility".

In this pocket guide, you will learn about the most critical pillars of launch feasibility for early-stage startups.


We talk about team, tech, funds and many other important topics in this bite-sized booklet. 


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Meaning of Problem-Solution Fit and
What this Booklet is about

The journey starts by acknowledging that problems, akin to unsolved puzzles, pervade both the business realm and everyday life. In our 7 Fit Framework for Product-Market Fit, identifying Customer-Problem Fit is the initial step towards the three essential pre-launch fits, inspired by the Design Thinking.


However, matching problems with suitable solutions isn't always easy, much like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. This challenge introduces the concept of Problem-Solution Fit, crucial for fostering innovation. It involves pinpointing a real problem that matters to people and devising a solution that not only solves the issue but also aligns with the needs of the target market, ensuring the solution is both fitting and purposeful.

For startup teams, it's vital to assess the feasibility of creating a "viable" solution. This requires conducting a feasibility analysis of your resources and competencies to determine if your team can build a solution that meets customer needs effectively.

Why You Should Get This Problem-Solution Fit Booklet?

This is a pocket-sized guidebook that you can refer to whenever you have problems in assessing the feasibility of a solution.

Get This Free Booklet!

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